Here’s what people have said about working with Captain Wood:

“I recently had the good fortune to sail with Captain Wood in the British Virgin Islands. During that trip I saw first-hand that his skill and professionalism is never limited to the people on his boat. Whether he’s interacting with other captains, dock hands or guests out for a day on the water, Captain Wood is a top notch ambassador to the maritime community. Everyone should get a chance to sail with him at least once in a lifetime, preferably more!”
— Kate S., San Francisco, CA. June, 2016

“Charlie is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable sailors I’ve ever met. He’s funny and patient, too. A joy to learn from and work with. I’d hire him again without hesitation.”
— Scott E., Redwood City, CA. September, 2013

“We hired Captain Charlie to deliver our beautiful new yacht from South Puget Sound to San Francisco and not only did he perform the task on schedule, the boat arrived thoroughly cleaned and serviced. I’ve never had an experience as efficient, thorough and stress-free as working with him. When I need these services again, Charlie’s the captain I’ll call first.”
— Davis L., Port Angeles, WA. March, 2012

“Charlie has a unique calmness in tense situations that is priceless. We were once in exciting weather and while everyone was freaking out, I looked back at the helm and Charlie was attentive and practically serene, patiently explaining what needed to be done and helping the entire crew. He instilled confidence in all of us and I believe that, as a result, we all learned much more and worked to our best abilities. I owe that not just to Charlie’s skill but also to his patient and respectful manner of supporting us.”
— Katie W., San Francisco, CA. February 2010

“I have had the pleasure of sailing with Charlie for several years both sailing and racing. He has always been professional and his experience is definitely an asset on board. We’ve raced in ocean races from San Francisco to Monterey and in the Bay for various Yacht Racing Association races. I’ve also had opportunities to spend social time with Charlie and he is always respectful and honorable. Thank you for the opportunity to sing his praises!”
— Leah P., Alameda, CA. 2010

“That was the greatest trip of our lives. Thank you so much for a well-planned, fun and incredible adventure. Looking forward to the next one!”
— Marc & Kelly O., Portland, OR. August, 2007

“Charlie rocks. Seriously, this guy’s the real deal. There’s old salt in his veins.”
— Rick B., Honolulu, HI. April, 2006

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