2016 Summit

A great time at the 2016 Melat Summit event, hosted by Our Man Jorge. What more can be said besides what has already been said by the people who said the things? A fabulous time was had by all. Those who missed it just didn’t have anywhere near as much fun as we did. Jorge put together an excellent event, close in and chill. Well done, Poob!

Snippets of the highlights:

1. Hike 1 in the fabulous misty Oregon rain/not rain up to Mirror Lake w/ Jorge and Lance. Good times at the Skyway afterward in front of the giant maw of their fireplace. Pure Oregon. Little did we know that the next day would separate the Melatimice from the Melatimen.

2. The keg DonkeyBox® failed to perform, despite surgery and coaxing. We Shall Overcome.

3. Most excellent music with most excellent brothers.

4. Phil brought a 122 proof cask-melter of a bourbon. Luscious deposits of roasted nutty goodness.

5. Hold ’em newbie Rico manages to vacuum the wallets of the more seasoned players. I owe you $10, Rico. Well played, sir.

6. “Hike” 2 (aka: Alpinist Trainer Session). Goat-rabidy-quick pacing turns out to be for closers only. Three hardy souls—Jorge, Ryan and Yours Truly—managed to summit McNeil Point and mount the hut. There was a dead gnome, lurking in the dark corners. Trust me, you don’t want to go back up there. It’s Krakauer level stuff. Epic views (see below).

7. Apparently at the last summit event at Beavertail, Dave’s pyromaniac skills didn’t fall off on the washboard road. His furnace-packing skills were unparalleled when loading up the fireplace. An epic conflagration was narrowly averted when the Log Of Many Lives wouldn’t stay lit. Fire Marshal Dave rides again. He also brought the awesome Crokinole board game. In a gong bag. That is hard to say very quickly, BTW. Nice work, Formidable Scotsman.

8. No astronomical wonders were spied, despite the fact that I brought up enough telescope gear to start a new SETI outpost. Goddamn rain and smoke.

9. Food fabulous food! All meals rocked! Awesome fried chicken and a fine salad for Friday dinner. Kale, farro and garlic scramble with brats for Saturday breakfast. Summit Dinner of prime rib with a horseradish cream and red wine jus. Great Sunday morning pre-departure bagel and morning cakes fest, with Baileys in your coffee. Enough beer and bourbon to wash it all down nicely no matter the hour. There were no hungry souls remaining.

It was great to see everyone. You are beloved brothers, all. I’ve included some images, below. Click on them for larger versions. See y’all the next time I see y’all.

Cap 21

The Beginning
The Beginning. Cesar may or may not be soiling his trousers here.
Bob begins training for prodigious resting sessions.

Rico. a man outstanding in his field.
Rico, a man outstanding in his field.

Bob. A man out lying in his field.
Bob, a man out lying in his field.

Hood Fall Colors
Fall colors

McNeil Hut
The hut. Look deep within to see a can of chili and the dead gnome.

Yokum Ridge
Yokum Ridge, as viewed from the McNeil Hut.

Mt. Hood Summit
Hood Summit, from the McNeil Hut trail.

Bob leading his men
Bob leads his men in a grueling snow angel training regimen.